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Born in Pordenone in April 1981. He graduated from the High School of Art IV Rome II and continued his studies with a master’s degree in mosaic at the Friuli Mosaic School.
Founder of ArtificioLab studio.
Skills: designer, art teacher, ceramist, creative development.



Born in Rome in October 1978. He graduated from Art School IV A.Caravillani and graduated in set design at the Academy of Fine Arts. He continued his studies with a master’s degree in directing at the Cinecittà studios. Skills: Audiovisual Editing, Motion & Computer Graphics, Interior Design.
ArtificioLab was born in 2009 in Pordenone from our artistic union. We decided to take a multidisciplinary approach to work, leveraging our diverse skills, trying to bring together manual techniques and digital works. We has become a factory of ideas where you can use any means of expression and experiment with different languages​​. We have created products which are very different from each other as music videos and handmade items for the home decor. Afterwards we wanted to dedicate ourselves to contemporary art with more consistency.

Exhibitions & Awards:

2009: Mtv-Italia / I.V.R. (Winner)
2011: DeIndustria#05 / Residence (Winner)
2012: ArtePordenone / Art-Fair, Pordenone
2013: Play, Create / Exhibition, Rome
2013: Ruins: Rise & Fall / Exhibition, Rome

Download printable CV / Portfolio (ITA):

ArtificioLab CV.pdf

Every artistic expression is either influenced by or adds something to politics.

Dario Fo

Our Culture

Our thinking is to process images not only in two dimensions, but turn them into sculptures and videos to make them so the volumetric forms, putting the viewer in relationship with them. The works begin this way to be thought of also as a function of spatial and social contexts that will receive them. The narrative representation of the image (the staging) becomes a language the applicant, used in both site-specific installations that in the production of video art.


Each art project is composed of a multitude of elements: some things we can control and play other instead we can only observe. The observation, analysis, experimentation are all part of the same creative process, but the idea understood as the image of the human mind comes from what we are. We believe that thinking, like matter, can be molded into an art form able to unravel mysteries, draw new horizons and find alternate routes. The media that we use is not always decisive, but the message that we carry can be revolutionary.


ArtificioLab was born in Pordenone and is also active in Rome. In addition to studio space, where we make our works with photo sets, ceramic sculptures and shoot or video projections, we are always looking for spaces in which to live specific projects like contemporary art galleries and public spaces. We really like to participate in artistic residencies.

Visit our new site on Photography / Visita il nostro nuovo sito dedicato alla Fotografia www.lighttrails.net

Photographic Services / Photo Feature / Reportage 

Our Services

Artistic Production

ArtificioLab is a multidisciplinary art studio. We produce various artistic projects, such as: exhibitions, competitions for beautification of public spaces and buildings, artistic residencies and open calls for artists. We like to use the different media available and think of every project as a unique work that can live in a specific context.


We put all our creativity and our technical expertise to create sophisticated graphics and audio-visual products with a strong visual impact.
We love to combine art and communication to provide our customers with unconventional solutions and high quality images.


From design to implementation. We create graphics and creative issues for each type of use. We take care of every detail throughout the creative process of our products for the interior design and home decoration.


The creativity in every shot, a unique artistic style and sophisticated that never goes out of fashion. These are the keywords of the services that we offer for Weddings, Sports and Music Reportages. We organize courses and workshops in photography and video footage. Visit www.lighttrails.net and discover our offers.


Ho aggiunto un video a una playlist di @YouTube: youtu.be/jPycFXn0Tv8?a Faith No More - Area 4 Festival (2009) [Full Show]

About a month ago from ArtificioLab's Twitter via Google


2013 / Digital Carbon Print

2014 / Video-Art

2014 / Video-Art

2014 / Fine Art Print

2013 / Bas-Relief

2013 / Diapositive (Film Slides)

2013 / Diapositive (Film Slides)

2013 / Diapositive (film slides)

2013 / Site Specific

2011 / Bas-Relief

2013 / Site Specific

2013 / Bas-Relief

2013 / Bas-Relief

2013 / Diapositive (Film slides)

2011 / Video-Art

2011 / Viadeo-Art

2013 / Diapositive (film slides)

2013 / Video-Art

2013 / Bas-Relief

2011 / Music Video

2011 / Site Specific

2011 / Bas-Relief

2010 / Scenography

2008 / Music Video

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via Braida Pasqualini 2, 33084, Cordenons, Pn, Italy

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